Brand Story

Guangxu Electrical Appliances specializes in designing, producing and selling folding electric steamers. It is also the pioneer of folding electric steamers. At the same time, the company is also developing new types of steamers, baking pans, ovens and other kitchen appliances.

Brand History

"Healthy Life" is the enterprise purpose of Guangxu Company. It encourages all employees of the company to provide first-class products and high-quality services to customers.
  • 2017
    21st Century: Entering China
    YUNIKLY has been in China for more than 60 years. With innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, YUNIKLY has been unremittingly aiming at providing healthy, fashionable and intelligent life style for Chinese families.
  • 2014
    From 1980s to 21st century: leaping development
    Product quality is nearly perfect, the highest pursuit of innovative design, product more humanized, for more and more families around the world trust direct election
  • 2000
    1980s: Rapid Development
    Towards automation and intellectualization. Our quality and reliable, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation are the first choice for Swiss families.
  • 1990
    1960s: the beginning of its founding
    YUNIKLY was born in Switzerland and is well known for its exquisite workmanship and elegant fashionable appearance.